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北师版Unit 16 Period Four

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Period Four Communication WorkshopLanguage Awareness 1Culture Corner & Bulletin Board



1.tiresome adj.讨厌的,令人厌倦的

2.awkward adj.笨拙的;令人不舒服的

3.tense adj.紧张的

4.dizzy adj.头晕目眩的

5.applaud vi.& vt.鼓掌

6.clumsy adj.笨拙的;不得体的


1.make sense讲得通,有道理

2.in the end最后,终于

3.refer to指的是;参考;涉及到

4.in this case在这种情况下

5.on the other hand另一方面

6.even if即使


1.the instant引导时间状语从句

The day started to go wrong the instant I left home.



The more I looked downthe redder my face became.


3.even if/though引导让步状语从句

A son or daughter might inherit a nickname as a surname even if/though they themselves did not share the particular characteristic.




1.I didn’t go to school because the school bus didn’t arrive on May 24.(F)

2.The Chinese teacher reminded me about the competition at school.(F)

3.I was surprised that I was last in the competition.(F)


1.How many examples are given to describe the awful day of the writer?

A.1.  B.2.  C.3.  D.4.

答案 C

2.When did the events happen?

A.In spring.  B.In summer.  C.In autumn.  D.In winter.

答案 B

3.How did the writer think of the poetry reading competition?

A.He knew it from the poster.

B.He was reminded by his classmates.

C.He was reminded by his English teacher.

D.He thought of it by himself.

答案 C

4.What was the result of the competition?

A.He got the first prize. B.He got the second prize.

C.He got many praises. D.He got the last.

答案 D

5.How can we describe the day of the writer?

A.Clumsy and awful. B.Cheerful and interesting.

C.Exciting and impressive. D.Adventurous and shameful.

答案 A



1.I felt tense and dizzy.我感到紧张,头晕目眩的。


(1)tense adj.紧张的;拉紧的;vt.& vi.拉紧;绷紧;使……紧张

(2)tensely adv.紧张地

(3)tension n.拉紧;紧张;不安


(1)Is anything wrongYou look a little tense.


(2)The game is getting tenser all the time.


(3)He tensedhearing the noise again.




(1)The incident about the Diaoyu Island has further increased the tension between China and Japan.

(2)The situation in that area was tense and dangerous.

2.When I left the stage people didnt applaud very loudly and it came as no surprise that I was last in the competition.



(1)applaud v.鼓掌;赞赏,称赞

applaud sb.for sth.因某事赞许某人

(2)applause n.[U]鼓掌,喝彩


(1)They have been applauded for their devotion to the charity.


(2)Her speech drew enthusiastic applause.




(1)We applauded him for his courage.

(2)His speech was greeted with a storm of applause(applaud).

3.Some adverts present us with a puzzlethey show an unusual image which at first doesnt make sense.



present vt.介绍;提出;呈现;赠送,授予

present sb.with sth.(present sth.to sb.)向某人赠送/颁发/授予某物

present sb.to sb.把某人介绍/引荐给某人


at present目前,现在

for the present暂时,暂且


(1)It presents famous musical works.(2016·全国Ⅲ)


(2)Finallythe mayor presented the medals to the winners.


(3)They walked aroundhoping to be presented to the queen.




①May I present my new friend to you?

②Let’s leave the things as they are for the presentwe can always make changes later on if necessary.


The boy ①present at the party was considering asking his father for a book on the ②present tense as a birthday ③present.

出席的 现在的 礼物


I presented a dictionary to him.

→I presented him with a dictionary.


make sense有意义;有道理;讲得通

make no sense 没道理,没意义

make sense of sth.理解/弄懂某事


(1)Seeyour computer has broken down againIt doesn’t make sense to buy the cheapest brand of computer just to save a few dollars.(2015·天津)


(2)It makes no sense to translate this sentence by word.


(3)We’ve been trying to make sense of our dreams.




①Her argument makes perfect sense to me.

②Can you make sense of what this writer is saying?


It doesn’t make a sense for parents to give children whatever they want.

4.At firstthe words seem to refer to domestic violencebut then we realise the advert is a warning about eating high-fat food!



refer to (to为介词)指的是;查阅,参考;提到;涉及

refer to...as...…………




注意 refer的过去式、过去分词及现在分词都要双写r再加-ed-ing即:referredreferredreferring


(1)She referred to the subject several times during her speech.


(2)Please refer to the attachments which include the application form and resume.(2016·全国Ⅰ)


(3)Even as a boy he referred to his father as Steve.




①Smoking is usually referred to as a bad habit.

②I don’t want to refer this patient to an irresponsible doctor.

(2) 一句多译


①You may refer to a dictionary if you don’t know the meaning of a word.

②You may consult a dictionary if you don’t know the meaning of a word.

③You may look it up in a dictionary if you don’t know the meaning of a word.


You’d better finish your homework without referring ∧to your notes.


1.The day started to go wrong the instant I left home.



(1)the instant在句中起一个连词的作用,引导一个时间状语从句,表示…………”

(2)类似the instant引导时间状语从句的短语还有:every/each time每次,the moment/minute(immediately/directly/instantlyas soon as)…………

in an instant(immediately/at once)立刻,马上

for an instant片刻,瞬间


(1)I sent you the news the instant I heard it.


(2)Every time he arrived home at the end of the daywe’d greet him at the door.(2016·浙江)


(3)Just for an instant I thought he was going to refuse.




①“I’ll come in an instant” he said.

②I was so familiar with him that I recognized his voice instantly(instant) I picked up the phone.


She closed the door the instant she entered the room.

→She closed the door instantly/immediately/directly she entered the room.

→She closed the door the moment/minute she entered the room.


The instant when he got the newshe burst out laughing.

2.The more I looked downthe redder my face became.





(1)Anderson believes that the smarter a child isthe less likely he gets addicted to TV.(2015·广东)


(2)The more birds are exposed to lightthe more active they are at night.(2015·四川)





The more you readthe more you will get.


The more you practisethe better your English will be.



1.The job was so tiresome(令人厌烦的) that I had to abandon it.

2.The audience couldn’t put up with the actor’s awkward(笨拙的) performance.

3.The tense(紧张的) feeling made her tremble.

4.Yesterdaythe audience applauded wildly at the end of the opera.

5.It’s not easy walking in these clumsy(笨重的) shoes.

6.The room was so hot that she felt dizzy(头晕目眩的).



7.I’ll look after grandma instead of mum tonight.

8.They referred to the launch of Shenzhou Ⅶ as the greatest breakthrough of China’s space history.

9.What you said reminded me about my childhood.

10.An old lady was knocked over by a motorcyclist when crossing the street this morning.

11.When things go wrongyou mustn’t quit.



Even if it rains tomorrowwe won’t change our plan.


It was what he had eaten rather than what he had drunk that made him ill.


Your sisterrather than youis to clean the room.


The instant Tom saw his teacherhe ran away.


The harder he workedthe more he got.



1.George is going to talk about the geography of his countrybut I’d rather he focused more on its culture.

2.You may refer to a dictionary if you don’t know how to pronounce a word.

3.The instant I saw himI recognized him.

4.Rather than going into an officea lot of people are connected to the Internet and now work from home.

5.It occurred to him to tell the colonel of the problem.

6.It is said that a new shopping mall is being built in the city at present.

7.I strongly recommend that the information referred(refer) to in my report be e-mailed to Professor Keller without delay.

8.The father rushed into the bedroom instantly(instant) he heard his child’s scream.

9.He couldn’t put up with the noiseso he kept the windows shut all day long.

10.His words were greeted with long and thunderous applause(applaud).


11.We’ll stand by you even(as) if you don’t succeed.

12.The doctor ∧had cured 150 people by the end of the last week.

13.It is cold here and it is hard to get the car going(gone) again.

14.You rather than I are(am) going to go camping.

15.Your computer doesn’t work.You’d better have it repaired(repair).


Many of the most valuable and historical books that have been sold in the past few decades have changed hands by auctionwith bidding sometimes going into the millions.Here is a list of some of the most lucrative sales of recent years.

Codex Leicester

Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Leicester holds the record as the most expensive book sold to date.It contains the famous artist’s notes about the links between art and scienceand is illustrated with drawings to support his observations.In 1994Bill Gatesthe founder of Microsoftpurchased it for $30.8 million.

Gospels of Henry the Lion

One of the most expensive books in the world is Gospels of Henry the Lionwhich experts think dates back to about 1188.This ancient work includes 50 paintings which document Henry’s search for power as the ruler of Brunswick.The manuscript was produced by Benedictine monks and changed hands recently in 1983when it was sold for $12 million.

Magna Carta

A manuscript of the Magna Cartafirst issued in 1215 to define individual rights and freedom under English lawwas sold at auction recently.This document was produced during King John’s ruling period.Owned by the Ross Perot Foundationit was the only copy still in private hands until it was bought by David Rubinstein of the Carlyle Groupwho wanted to return it to the National Archives.The final selling price was $21.3 million.

Birds of America

Artist and author James Audubon’s Birds of America was instrumental in introducing the range of birds that exist to people around the world.With more than 400 paintings of different speciesAudubon used them to create hand-painted engraved plateswhich were sold between 1827 and 1838.The complex work was sold at auction in 2000 for $8.8 million.

16.Of the followingwhich is the most valuable?

A.Magna Carta.

B.Codex Leicester.

C.Birds of America.

D.Gospels of Henry the Lion.

答案 B

解析 细节理解题。由第二段中的“Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Leicester holds the record as the most expensive book sold to date.”可知选B

17.Magna Carta differs from the other books in that         .

A.it is the first published of the four

B.it is the longest one of the four

C.it is the only one lacking paintings

D.it is the latest sold one

答案 C

解析 细节理解题。由第二段中的“...and is illustrated with drawings to support his observations.”可知,Codex Leicester有插图说明;由第三段中的“This ancient work includes 50 paintings which...”可知,Gospels of Henry the Lion有插图说明;由最后一段中的“With more than 400 paintings of different speciesAudubon used them to create hand-painted engraved plates...可知,Birds of America也有插图说明。因此Magna Carta不同于其他三部著作的地方在于其没有插图说明,故选C

18.According to the passagewe can learn that Birds of America         .

A.was written by Benedictine monks

B.was owned by the Ross Perot Foundation

C.contains James Audubon’s ideas about art and science

D.includes over 400 paintings of different species of birds

答案 D

解析 细节理解题。由最后一段中的“With more than 400 paintings of different speciesAudubon used them to create hand-painted engraved plates...可知D项正确。

19.What do we learn from the passage?

A.In 1994Gospels of Henry the Lion was sold for $12 million.

B.The paintings in Birds of America became hand-painted engraved plates.

C.David Rubinstein has returned Magna Carta to the National Archives.

D.Codex Leicester defines individual rights and freedom under English law.

答案 B

解析 细节理解题。由最后一段中的“...Audubon used them to create hand-painted engraved plates.”可知B项正确。



This was an unforgettable and wonderful experience.It happened about three years ago and it has had a  20  effect on me.I would like to show respect here for the two men I do not know   21  but whose actions gave a new   22  to the words—kind and generous.

I was walking down a busy street on a coldwindy day in early   23  .A homeless manprobably about 60 and without wearing any shoeswas   24   for change on a street corner.

A BMW car   25   on the other side of the street and an executive(主管) who was perfectly dressed stepped out of the car.He was probably about   26   years old.He was wearing a blue business suit with a deep red silk tie.He walked  27   across the street and over to the homeless man.Without saying anythinghe first gave him a lot of   28   and then he sat down and took off his leather glovesbeautiful black leather shoes and his black dress socks.Then he   29   them to the homeless man.The homeless man took them and stared with a(n)   30   mouth.

As he drove offI couldn’t  31   thinking that it was probably the first time he had   32  the pedal(踏板) of that top-brand BMW car with a   33  footI stood there and the looks of   34  appeared on my face and the homeless man’s.

Two men of about the same age   35  very different lives had met and the one who was   36  in materials had offered   37  than his shoes.He had left this BMW car and   38   down from his high position.He lifted up the other man when he offered respect  39  and real generosity.

20.A.slow   B.strong

C.bad   D.light

答案 B

解析 从下文那感人的故事可以看出:这件事对我影响很大。have a strong effect on...……有很大影响。strong强大的。故选B

21.A.generally   B.officially

C.personally   D.similarly

答案 C

解析 从下文可推知:我本人(personally)不认识他们。personally亲自地。故选C

22.A.award   B.benefit

C.attitude   D.meaning

答案 D

解析 句意为:他们的行为赋予了善良和慷慨这两个词新的含义(meaning)。故选D

23.A.winter   B.spring

C.summer   D.autumn

答案 A

解析 根据本句中的“on a coldwindy day及第三段中的“his leather gloves”可推知故事发生在初冬(winter)。故选A

24.A.begging   B.searching

C.making   D.blaming

答案 A

解析 句意为:一位无家可归的大约60岁的老人,光着脚,正在街角乞讨。beg for乞求,乞讨。故选A

25.A.sped up   B.called up

C.broke up   D.pulled up

答案 D

解析 根据下文中的“an executive(主管) who was perfectly dressed stepped out of the car可知,一辆宝马停在了街边。pull up()停下。故选D

26.A.40   B.50

C.60   D.70

答案 C

解析 由第二段第二句中的“about 60”及最后一段第一句中的“the same age”可知,这个主管和那位乞讨的老人年龄相当,即大约60岁。故选C

27.A.fluently   B.directly

C.usually   D.unwillingly

答案 B

解析 句意为:那个人穿过大街径直走向那位乞讨的老人。directly径直地。故选B

28.A.oil   B.money

C.water   D.sand

答案 B

解析 由第二段最后一句中的“was for change”可知,老人要零钱,所以开宝马的老人给了他许多钱(money)。故选B

29.A.threw   B.posted

C.handed   D.kicked

答案 C

解析 根据上文开宝马的老人给了乞讨的老人很多钱,及文中的“took off his leather glovesbeautiful black leather shoes and his black dress socks可知,开宝马的老人很尊重他,所以选hand“递过去。故选C

30.A.empty   B.closed

C.full   D.open

答案 D

解析 一个沿街乞讨的老人收到如此的恩惠,只能是眼睛瞪得大大的,张着嘴,看着对方。open张开的。故选D

31.A.help   B.stand

C.delay   D.forget

答案 A

解析 couldn’t help doing sth.禁不住做某事。句意为:我情不自禁地想……。故选A

32.A.pressed   B.bent

C.cut   D.repaired

答案 A

解析 因为鞋和袜子都已经送人了,所以这也许是他第一次光着脚踩汽车的踏板。press按,压。故选A

33.A.single   B.relaxed

C.large   D.bare

答案 D

解析 因为鞋和袜子都已经送人了,所以只能是光着(bare)脚开宝马。故选D

34.A.pride   B.excitement

C.astonishment   D.sadness

答案 C

解析 句意为:面对此情此景,我和乞讨老人都很吃惊(astonishment)。故选C

35.A.before   B.but

C.or   D.and

答案 B

解析 句意为:两位老人年龄相同,但生活却明显的不一样。表示转折关系用but。故选B

36.A.helpful   B.successful

C.careful   D.useful

答案 B

解析 开宝马的老人在物质方面是成功的(successful)。故选B

37.A.better   B.rather

C.more   D.other

答案 C

解析 句意为:在物质上非常成功的那位老人不仅仅是给了对方一双鞋。言外之意,他还给了对方其他东西,下文介绍了他还给了对方以尊重。more than多于,超出,不止,不仅仅。故选C

38.A.rolled   B.broken

C.fell   D.stepped

答案 D

解析 句意为:老人从宝马车里出来,并从自己高高在上的位置走下来,帮助需要帮助的人。step down……走下来。故选D

39.A.kindness   B.surprise

C.disappointment   D.anxiety

答案 A

解析 根据上文内容可知,开宝马的老人给予的是尊重、仁慈和真正的慷慨。kindness仁慈,善良。故选A







提示 黑体部分用本单元词汇表达,并且请使用who引导的定语从句,what’s more等表达。


John’s cousin is a stubborn and straightforward manwho is eager to learn and expand his knowledge.It’s said that in order to achieve successhe can put up with all kinds of hardships.What’s morehe wants to make a big breakthrough in a specific area.He is an admirable person.

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