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北师版Unit 16 Period Five

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Period Five Grammar & Writing




1.Pliny wrote about a terrible volcanic eruption that he had witnessed(witness) as a young man.

2.Howevermore than 1,600 years latersome scientists found the lost towns that had been buried(bury) under the ashes.

3.Before the eruption occurredit had been(be) a booming Roman city.

4.The bodies of people who had died(die) in Pompeii left impressions in the ash that showed their exact shapes.

5.My computer’s really slow.I need to get the hard disk upgraded(upgrade).

6.I think I’ll have the car serviced(service) this week.

7.Next month I’m going to get my bike repaired(repair).

8.I had that broken window replaced(replace) at last.


1.The film had begun(电影已经开始了) when they arrived at the cinema.

2.The students had left the classroom(学生们已离开教室了) when the teacher came in.

3.The roads were full of people.We hadnt thought of that(我们没有想到这一点).

4.I always have my hair cut(理发) at Ken’s.

5.I must get my tyres pumped up(找人给我的轮胎充气).







She said she had never been to Paris.


When the police arrivedthe thieves had run away.




On Saturday afternoonMrs.Green went to the marketbought some bananas and visited her cousin.



When I heard the newsI was very excited.



Our teacher told us that Columbus discovered America in 1492.


2.表示从过去某一时刻开始一直延续到另一过去时刻的动作或状态。与现在完成时一样,也常与so longfor three daysbefore等表示一段时间的状语连用。

When Jack arrivedhe learned Mary had been away for almost an hour.


3.表示未曾实现的愿望或打算。表示希望或打算的动词,如hopewantexpectthinksupposeplanmeanintend等的过去完成时,后接不定式to do时,表示未曾实现的愿望或打算,即本来希望或打算做某事(但却没做)

I had hoped to send him a Christmas cardbut I forgot to do so.



hardly...when...no sooner...than...It/That/This was the first/second...time that...等。

Hardly had I opened the door when he told me the news.


No sooner had he bought the car than he sold it.


It was the second time he had been out with her.




(1)Helen had left(leave) her keys in the office so she had to wait until her husband came home.

(2)By the time I left the schoolhe had taught(teach) the class for 3 years.

(3)He had served(serve) in the army for ten years before he retired last year.

(4)I had intended(intend) to call on you yesterdaybut I had an unexpected visitor.

(5)No sooner had they left(leave) the building than a bomb exploded.

(6)It was the first time that he had ever spoken(speak) to me in such a tune.

.to have/get sth.done结构



You’d better have/get your bad tooth pulled out.



I can’t have/get the car started.



The poor girl had/got her handbag stolen.



(1)have sb.do sth./get sb.to do sth.让某人做某事

The teacher had me hand in my homework.

The teacher got me to hand in my homework.


(2)have sb./sth.doing sth.某人/某物一直做某事(表示动作的正在进行/持续)

Don’t have the water running.


注意 have sb.doing用于否定句时,有容忍的意思。

I won’t have you speaking to me like that.


(3)get sb./sth.doing使某人/某物开始某个动作

The music got the little child dancing.


(4)have sb./sth.adj./adv./prep.让某物处于某种状态;使某人到某处

I want to have my room clean and tidy.




(1)We had the machine mended(mend) just now.

(2)It was coldand they had the fire burning(burn) day and night.

(3)The patient is going to have his temperature taken(take).

(4)The boss often has them work(work) for 14 hours a day.

(5)I got him to do(do) his homework before dinner.



1.Why didn’t you tell me about your trouble last week? If you had told(tell) meI could have helped.(2016·北京)

2.If it had not been(notbe) for his invitation the other dayI should not be here now.(2016·江苏)

3.I wish I had been(be) at my sister’s wedding last Tuesdaybut I was on a business trip in New York then.(2015·天津)

4.Just as I got to the school gateI realized I had left(leave) my book in the cafe.(2015·安徽)

5.—Did you have difficulty finding Ann’s house?

—Not really.She had given(give) us clear directions and we were able to find it easily.(2015·北京)

6.If I hadnt seen(notsee) it with my own eyesI wouldn’t have believed it.(2015·北京)

7.The twinswho had finished(finish) their homeworkwere allowed to play badminton on the playground.(2014·安徽)

8.Writing out all the invitations by hand was more time-consuming than we had expected(expect).(2014·山东)

9.Sofia looked around at all the facesshe had the impression that she had seen(see) most of the guests before.(2014·浙江)

10.During his stay in Xi’anJerry tried almost all the local foods his friends had recommended(recommend).(2014·陕西)


1.I was taking a train to London’s Victoria Station.I had noticed that the carriage was noisy and filled with people.(2014·浙江,短文改错)

2.Thank you for all you have(had) done for me.(2012·四川,短文改错)

3.In factthere were four tickets on the seat.Someone had(has) placed another pair of tickets on top of them(2008·陕西,短文改错)










1.Born in 1994he is now an 18-year-old studentstudying in a university.

2.He is a good-looking/funny-looking manwith a thick moustache but no hair left.

3.He is a tall manwith blue eyes and blonde hair.

4.He is not so strongbut in good health.

5.He went to study in Beijing University in 1984 and 4 years later graduated from that university.

6.He got his bachelor’s/master’s/doctor’s degree in mathematics in April 1998.

7.He won the first prize in the English speech contest at school last year.

8.He got the first place in the homepage designing contest.

9.In his spare timehe likes reading and enjoying traveling.

10.He began to make a living at the age of 14/at an early age.

11.By the age of 14he had set up a chemistry lab of his own.





潘彼得(Peter Pan)




全国青年武术比赛冠军(the National Martial Arts Youth Championship)








中学毕业后到中国大陆(the Chinese mainland)继续学武术;将来在香港开一家武术中心



第一步 明确要求

此篇文章属于人物简介性文体,主要叙述和介绍Peter Pan的情况,其内容多为过去发生的事情,故多用过去时,人称为第三人称。

第二步 确定段落

Para.1 总体情况介绍

Para.2 今后计划

第三步 提炼要点

1.获得全国青年武术比赛冠军win the National Martial Arts Youth Championship

2.一天练习5小时practice five hours a day

3.回报pay off

4.创立个人武术风格create his own style of Martial Arts

5.继续研究武术continue his study of Martial Arts

6.在香港开办武术中心open a Martial Arts centre in Hong Kong

第四步 扩点成句


(一般表达)For the past 10 yearsPeter has practiced Martial Arts.He spent five hours a day to improve his skills.His hard work was finally rewarded this year.

(句式升级)For the past 10 yearsPeter has practiced Martial Arts five hours a day to improve his skills and his hard work finally paid off this year.(不定式短语作状语)


(一般表达)Peter has created his own style of Martial Arts.He combined the traditional Chinese style with the western boxing.

(句式升级)Peter has created his own style of Martial Arts by combining the traditional Chinese style with the western boxing.(动名词短语作介词宾语)

3.彼得打算中学毕业后到中国大陆(the Chinese mainland)继续学武术,将来在香港开一家武术中心。

(一般表达)Peter plans to continue his study of Martial Arts on the Chinese mainland after he graduates from high school.He’ll open a Martial Arts centre in Hong Kong in the future.

(句式升级)Peter plans to continue his study of Martial Arts on the Chinese mainland after graduating from high school and open a Martial Arts centre in Hong Kong in the future.(介词短语作状语)

第五步 连句成篇

Last weekend17-year-old Peter Pan from our school won the National Martial Arts Youth Championship in Hong Kong.For the past 10 yearsPeter has practiced Martial Arts five hours a day to improve his skills and his hard work finally paid off this year.Peter has created his own style of Martial Arts by combining the traditional Chinese style with the western boxing.When asked how he felt about winning the national championshipPeter said he was very happy as Martial Arts has given him confidence.

Peter plans to continue his study of Martial Arts on the Chinese mainland after graduating from high school and open a Martial Arts centre in Hong Kong in the future.



1.The police found that the house had been broken into and a lot of things stolen.(has been broken intohad been broken into)

2.The pen I thought I had lost is on my deskright under my nose.(losthad lost)

3.By the time he was twelveEdison had made several experiments by himself.(would makehad made)

4.By eleven o’clock yesterday we had arrived at the airport.(had arrivedarrived)

5.Hardly had he got into the room when the telephone rang.(Hardly had heHardly has he)


6.I wont have you doing(不允许你做) like that again.

7.Mr.Brown was disappointed to see the car he had had repaired(他让人修好的汽车) went wrong again.

8.Don’t have him do any housework(让他做任何家务) in case he cannot put his heart in study.

9.He dropped from a tree and had his left leg broken(左腿折了).

10.They were so frightened that they had the light burning the whole night(让灯亮了一整夜).


Alices Adventures in Wonderland is one of the most loved children’s books of all timeand many adults enjoy it as well.It tells the story of a young girl named Alicewho follows a rabbit entering a magical world called Wonderland.She has many experiences which seem to change the rules of reasoning or common sense.The popularity of the book comes from its imaginationinteresting storyand art work.

The writer of the book is Lewis Carroll.In factLewis Carroll was not the writer’s real name.His real name was Charles Dodgson.One dayhe took a boat ride down the Thames River to have a picnic with three little girls who were friends of the family.To keep them entertained on the ridehe told them a story in which Alicethe middle childwas the main character.They enjoyed the story very much.

Charles later wrote the story down under the name Alices Adventures Under Ground and gave it to Alice as a Christmas present.Laterhe gave a copy to his friend George MacDonald.George read it to his children and they loved it.George suggested to Charles that he make a book from his story.Charles then wrote more parts to the story until it was around 35,000 words.It was first printed in 1866with art work by John Tennielunder the name Alices Adventures in Wonderland.The book was an immediate success.

One of its first fans was Queen Victoria.She immediately requested a collection of all of Lewis Carroll’s works.She was surprised to find that they included many works on math.In factCharles Dodgson was a highly respected mathematician.This can be seen in many puzzles and plays on reasoning that appear in his books and poems.

Since the story was first printedit has kept selling up to the present day.It has been translated into over fifty languages and has had several movies based on it.The story was even mentioned in the popular 1999 film The Matrix by the character Morpheus.

11.The passage is mainly about         .

A.Charles’ family life

B.a girl’s adventurous experiences

C.a magical world called Wonderland

D.the birth of a book and its lasting influence

答案 D

解析 主旨大意题。文章讲述的是《爱丽丝漫游奇境》一书成书的过程以及这本书的影响。

12.Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage?

A.The writer published his works under his real name.

B.The character Alice originated from George’s child.

C.John contributed partly to the popularity of the book.

D.Charles offered a copy to George for advice.

答案 C

解析 推理判断题。根据文中第三段中“It was first printed in 1866with art work by John Tennielunder the name Alices Adventures in Wonderland.The book was an immediate success.”可知C项正确。

13.We can learn from the passage that         .

A.Queen Victoria asked for a few of Charles’ writings

B.Charles had a gift for reasoning and writing

C.Charles had all his works translated into fifty languages

D.The Matrix was based on Alices Adventures in Wonderland 

答案 B

解析 细节理解题。根据文章的第四段可知,Charles既擅长写作,也是个数学家。

14.Which of the following is the RIGHT order of the passage?

a.Charles gave his story to Alice as a Christmas present.

b.Charles had a picnic with three little girls on the Thames River.

c.Alices Adventures in Wonderland was first printed in 1866.

d.More parts were added to the story by Charles.

e.The book won a large number of fans.

A.cbade   B.cabed

C.badce   D.baced

答案 C

解析 顺序排列题。通读全文,根据事件发生的顺序可知C项正确。



A major source of teen stress is school examsand test anxiety is not uncommon.When you recognize your teen is under stresshow can you help your teen stay calm before an exam?

Be involved.Parents need to be involved in their teen’s work.  15  Sometimeswhat he/she looks for is your presence—you just need to sit with him/her quietly.Alsogood communication is of great significance.Talk openly with your teenencouraging your teen to express his/her worries and fears.In a worddon’t let your teen focus on the worries and fears.

Help him/her get organized.  16  Togetheryou and your teen can work out a timetable in which he/she can study for what he/she knows will be on test.

Provide a calm setting.Help your teen set up a quiet place to study and protect his/her privacy.Give them a nutritious diet.It’s important for your teen to eat a healthybalanced diet during exam times to focus and do his/her best.  17   If this happensencourage your teen to eat light meals.A healthy dietrather than junk foodis good for reducing stress.

  18   Persuade your teen to get some sleep or do something active when he/she needs a real break from study.Making time for relaxationfunand exercise is important in reducing stress.Help your teen balance his/her time so that he/she will feel comfortable taking time out from study to spend time with friends or rest.

Show a positive attitude.  19   Your panicanxiety and blame contribute to your teen’s pressure.Make your teen feel accepted and valued for his/her efforts.Most importantlyreassure your teen that things will be all rightno matter what the results are.

A.A parent’s attitude will have a deep effect on their teen’s emotions.

B.Exam stress can make some teens lose their appetite.

C.They will only make the situation worse.

D.Encourage your teen to relax.

E.A simple way is to listen.

F.Help your teen think about what he/she has to study and plan.

G.Your teen may also make negative comments about themselves.

答案 15.E 16.F 17.B 18.D 19.A



When I was a kidMom used to cook food for us.One night in particular after 20.spending(spend) a long hard day at workMom placed a plate of jam and 21.extremely(extreme) burnt bread in front of my Dad.I was waiting 22.to see(see) if anyone noticed it.But while 23.eating(eat) his breadDad just asked me how was my day at school.I don’t remember what I told him that nightbut I do remember I heard Mom 24.apologizing(apologize) to Dad for burning the bread.And I’ll never forget what he said“HoneyI love burnt bread.

Later that nightI 25.went(go) to kiss Daddy good night and asked him if he really liked his bread burnt.He gave me 26.a big hug and said“Your Mom put in a long hard day at work todayreally 27.tired(tire).And besidesburnt bread never hurts anyone but cold words do

The lesson 28.that/which I’ve learned over the years is that learning to accept others’ fault is one of the most important keys 29.to creating a healthygrowing and lasting relationship.



I as well as my family are going to New York City this weekend.I had been looking forward to go there for a long time.It is one of the most modern city in the world.There have also a lot of museums where you can learn something you can’t learn it in school.I’d also like to see the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building.Unfortunatelythe twin towers destroyed on September 11th,2001 and I would have the chance to see them by myself.Now I am getting ready for the excited trip.I bet it will be a unforgettable experience.


I as well as my family am(are) going to New York City this weekend.I have(had) been looking forward to going(go) there for a long time.It is one of the most modern cities(city) in the world.There are(have) also a lot of museums where you can learn something you can’t learn it in school.I’d also like to see the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building.Unfortunatelythe twin towers∧were destroyed on September 11th2001 or(and) I would have the chance to see them by myself.Now I am getting ready for the exciting(excited) trip.I bet it will be an(a) unforgettable experience.




One eveningI was on my way home from school when I came across an incident.At a crossroads I observed an old man lying on the groundlooking anxious and painful.Although a few people gathered around himno one would approach him.Just then I saw a young girl walking towards him.At firstshe hesitated for a whilethen she reached out her hands and helped the old man sit up.Then she quickly got the phone number of the old man’s son and telephoned him.The old man’s son arrived in time.He was so grateful that he grasped the girl’s hands firmly and said“Thank you so much for your help

Then the girl left with relief.What a warm-hearted girl!

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