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1. (2017 全国 I  62) This trend, ... , has had some unintended side

62  (effect) such as overweight and heart disease—the very thing the

medical community was trying to fight.


2. (2017 全国 II  61) It ran for just under seven kilometers and allowed

people to avoid terrible 61 (crowd) on the roads...


3. (2017 全国III 67) She has turned down several 67 (invitation)

to star at shows in order to concentrate on her studies.



1. (2017 全国 I 卷)The instructor kept repeating the word, “Speed up!” “Slow down!” “Turn left!”


2. (2017 全国 II 卷)Besides, they often get some useful informations from the Internet.





Some of the world’s most famous musicians recently gathered in Paris and New Orleans to celebrate the first annual International Jazz Day...

Despite the celebrations, though, in the U. S. the jazz audience continues to shrink and grow older, and the music has failed to connect with younger generations.

It’s Jason Moran’s job to help change that. As the Kennedy Center’s artistic adviser for jazz, Moran hopes to widen the audience for jazz, make the music more accessible, and preserve its history and culture.

29. What does the underlined word “that” in Paragraph 3 refer to?

A. Jazz becoming more accessible.

B. The production of jazz growing faster.

C. Jazz being less popular with the young.

D. The jazz audience becoming larger.

解析指代前句中即前一段的最后句中的the music has failed to connect 6with younger generations,比较各选项只有C正确。



(2017 全国 II  67) However, the railway quickly proved to be a great success and within six months, more than 25,000 people were using 67 every day.

解析it指代前句中的the railway


1. (2017 全国 II )Mr. and Mrs. Zhang all work in our school.

解析all-*both考查代词。因Mr. and Mrs. Zhang是两个人all是指 三者或三者以上的故改all为表示两者both

2. (2017 全国 III 卷)This picture often brings back to me many happy memories of your high school days.


 (P171 第二组第二篇)1 can climb the hills. All this will be interesting and

good for your health. Above all, I can learn more about nature.

解析(P55): your—my由语境可知应是对我的身体有益。

三、冠词 语法填空

1. (2017 全国 I 65) As 65 result, people will eat more food to try

to make up for that something missing.

解析:aas a result固定短语。

2. (2017 全国III 62) Instead, she is earning £6,500 a day as 62

model in New York.


3. (2017 全国 II 64) This included digging up the road, laying the track and

then building a strong roof over 64 top.

解析:the特指这条路的 短文改错

1. (2017 全国 1 卷)I still remember how hard A first day was.



2. (2017 全国 II 卷)They live far from the school, and it takes them about a hour and a half to go to work every day.

解析a改成an /one  half是以元音音素开头的表示数量要用an  one

3. (2017 全国III)Around me in A picture are the things that were very important in my life at that time




四、 介词


1. (2017 全国 I 61) This trend, which was started by the medical

community (医学界) 61 a method of fighting heart disease, has had some

unintended side effects such as overweight and heart disease...


2. (2017 全国 II 62) ... and allowed people to avoid terrible crowds on the

roads above as they travelled to and 62 work.

解析:from因是固定搭配,表示往返,来回to and from work意为上下班

3. (2017 全国III 68) After school she plans to take a year off to model

full-time before going to university to get a degree 68 engineering or


解析in表示某方面的学位用介词in又如take /get a degree in law 获得法律学位。



1. (2017 全国 I ]0) It was a relief and I came to a sudden stop just in the middle on the road.

解析on-*of考查介词。表示y…的中间in the middle of

2. (2017 全国 II 6) They have also bought for some gardening tools.


3. (2017 全国III 1) When I look at this picture of myself I realize of how fast time flies.

解析删除realize后的ofrealize是及物动词后直接接宾语从句 不再用介词of故删除。


五、 并列连词


1. (2017 全国 I 卷)Before getting into the car, I thought I had learned the instructor’s orders, so once I started the car, my mind went blank.

解析:so-*but /yet考查并列连词。前后是转折关系。

2. (2017 全国IIII have grown not only physically, and also mentally in the past few years.

解析and—but  not only... but also 是固定搭配。




1. (2017 全国 I 70) Having enough fat and salt in your meals will reduce the urge to snack(口乞;between meals and will improve the taste of your food...

Like anything, it is possible to have too much of both, 70 is not good for

the health.


2. (2017 全国III 64) But Sarah, 64 has taken part in shows along

with top models, wants to prove that she has brains as well as beauty.

解析:who因谓语动词是后面的want,所以两个逗号之间是一个定语从 句,先行词是人又在从句中作主语,故填who


1. (2017 全国 II )In their spare time, they are interested in planting vegetables in their garden, that is on the rooftop of their house.

解析:thawhich^从句连词。引导非限制性定语从句不能用that 行词garden是物,用which

2. (2017 全国III卷)Around me in the picture are the things they were very important in my life at that time...

解析they-*that/which引导定语从句并在从句中作主语先行词是物 应用 that  which

七、谓语动词 时态


1. (2017 全国 I 67) Even worse, the amount of fast food that people eat

goes up. Fast food 67 (be) full of fat and salt.


2. (2017 全国 II 68) Later, engineers 68  (manage) to construct

railways in a system of deep tunnels (隧道which became known as the Tube. This development was only possible...

解析managed这是谓语动词根据上下文谓语动词的时态可知也用 一般过去时。

3. (2017 全国III 69) My dad thinks I should take the offer now. But at that

moment, school 69  (come) first. I don’t want to get too absorbed in




(2017 全国 I  4) Before getting into the car, I thought I had learned the instructor’s orders, but once I started the car, my mind goes blank.


(2017 全国 II  9) When summer came, they will invite their students...

解析came-*comes主句谓语动词will invite是一般将来吋从句应用一


(2017 全国 III 2) I had grown not only physically, but also mentally in the past few years.

解析had-*havein the past few years常与现在完成时连用故改had  have

(2017 全国III 5) I entered my second year of high school and become a new member of the school music club.

解析become-*-became  and 可知become 应与前面的 entered— 又由从句谓语was可知用一般过去时。



1. (2017 全国 I 64) Fat and salt are very important parts of a diet. They are

required to process the food that we eat... When fat and salt 64 (remove)

from food, the food tastes as if it is missing something.

解析:are removed表示被移除,上下文为现在时。

2. (2017 全国 II 65) Steam engines 65 (use) to pull the carriages

and it must have been fairly unpleasant for the passengers... However, the railway quickly proved to be a great success...

解析were used因与是被动关系又是过去的动作故用一般过去时的 被动语态主语是复数were used

3. (2017全国III 63) Sarah 63 (tell) that she could be Britain’s new

supermodel, earning a million dollars in the next year. Her father Peter, 44, wants her to give up school...

解析has been told /was toldtell sb sth可知要用被动语态由语境可知 应是己有人告诉她曾有人告诉她故用现在完成时或一般过去时的 被动语态。


(2017 全国 IIIAbout one month after this photo was tookI entered my second year of high school...

解析took-*taken这是被动语态应是wastake的过去分词take 的过去分词是takentook改为taken

七、非谓语动词 语法填空

1. (2017 全国 I 63) Fat and salt are very important parts of a diet. They are

required 63 (process) the food that we eat, to recover from injury and for

several other bodily functions.

解析to processrequire sb to do sth可知用不定式作主补。

2. (2017 全国III 65) But Sarah, who has taken part in shows along with top

models, wants 65 (prove) that she has brains as well as beauty.

解析to improve  want to do sth.可知。

3. (2017 全国 I 68) Fast food is full of fat and salt; by 68 (eat)

more fast food people will get more salt and fat than they need in their diet.


4. (2017 全国 II 63) This included digging up the road, 63 (lay)

the track and then building a strong roof...

解析laying与前面的digging及后面的and then building为并列关系起作included的宾语根据并列一致可知也应用-ing形式故填laying ()

5. (2017 全国III61)But unlike her school friends, 16-year-old Sarah is not

spending half-term 61 (rest).

解析resting  spend... doing sth.可知。


(2017 全国 II  10) When summer come, they will invite their students A pick the fresh vegetables!

解析pick前加to考查非谓语动词。由invite sb to do sth可知。

八、词类转换 语法填空

1. (2017 全国 II 69) This development was only possible with the

69 (introduce) of electric-powered engines and lifts.

解析introduction作介词的宾语要用名词或者在冠词the后要名词 采用引入故填introductiono

2. (2017 全国III 66) She is determined to carry on with her 66



3. (2017 全国 1 69) However, be 69 (care) not to go to extremes.


4. (2017 全国 II 70) The Central London Railway was one of the most

70 (success) of these new lines...

解析:successfulthe most successful为形容词的最高级,后面省略了名 lines o

5. (2017 全国III 70) It is 70 (certain) fun but the lifestyle is a little



6. (2017 全国 II 66) Steam engines were used to pull the carriages and it

must have been 66  (fair) unpleasant for the passengers, with all the

smoke and noise.



1. (2017 全国 I 卷)It was a relief and I came to a suddenly stop just in the middle of the road.


2. (2017 全国III 卷)I enjoyed studying difference kinds of cars and planes...


八、比较等级 语法填空

(2017 全国 I 66) Even 66  (bad), the amount of fast food that

people eat goes up.



1. (2017 全国 I 卷)A few minutes latethe instructor asked me to stop the car.


2. (2017 全国 II 卷)They often get up earlier and water the vegetables together. 解析:earlier-early查比较等级。当没有比较对象时,原级。

3. (2017 全国IIII enjoyed studying different kinds of cars and planes, playing pop music, and collecting the late music albums.

解析late — latest最新的音乐集唱片故用最高级。


(2017 全国 I  1) In the summer holiday following my eighteen birthday, I took driving lessons.

解析:eighteen---eighteenth考查数词。表示第十八岁生日要用序 数词。


(2017 全国 I The instructor kept repeating the words, “Speed up!” “Slow down!” “Turning left!”



(2017 全国 I 7) I was^o much nervous that I could hardly tell which direction was left.

解析:删除so后的much考查much的用法。因much不能修饰形容词的 原级。

(2017 全国 II 7) Beside, they often get some useful information...

解析:Beside-*Besides考类转换。因beside是介词,意为 的旁



(2017 全国 II )In their spare time, they are interesting in planting vegetables in their garden...






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